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Fire Proof Faith?

What will be the first thing that comes to mind when your life goes pear-shaped?
Anne Winckel grew up on a farm in South Australia. She is a lawyer and executive head-hunter. Her practical book Time Poor Soul Rich was shortlisted for the 2015 Australian Christian Book of the Year award.

Silence is not an option!

Revolutions begin when you speak.
Be the soundtrack of a revolution.
Meena Shamaly is a hybrid creative with a hybrid identity.
He quenches his thirst for stories by creating poetry and music.

Karma vs. kindness

How to recommend Jesus in an age of pluralism.
As a new age single mother, Erin Browne was introduced to the Gospel by a friend. She is now married and training for a life of ministry. Erin loves to see people reconciled to God through his Son.

Leaders are made not born

Why this is good news and how you can make a difference.
Tim Foster is Vice Principal of Ridley College.
His provocative book The Suburban Captivity of the Church was shortlisted for the 2015 Australian Christian Book of the Year Award.

There’s more to knowing than knowing will ever know

Why you should be clear about your epistemological convictions and what this has to do with climate change, scepticism and the end of the world.
Chris Mulherin loves his wife and epistemology. In that order. A jack of all trades, Chris is currently completing doctoral studies in philosophical theology.

Jesus is the question

In the four Gospels Jesus is asked 183 questions.
Why does he only answer 3? Divine mystery, gracious uncertainty and the power of the right question.
Cameron Semmens is a poet. His books The Zoo in You and Love is the New Black were shortlisted for the Australian Christian Book of the Year award.

What is the Gospel?

Why the most important thing is still the most important thing.
Michael Bird teaches theology at Ridley College. He is the author of several books on New Testament studies and lives in Doncaster with his wife and four children. His survey of Gospel criticism The Gospel and the Lord was shortlisted for the 2015 Australian Christian Book of the Year award.

Talking Turkey!

Where is God in the aching world of the Refugee?

Miriam Dale lived in Egypt, Germany and Syria before returning to Australia to study at university. Miriam is completing a bachelor of theology and working at Scripture Union. She recently returned from Istanbul where she worked with Syrian refugees.