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Books not guns

Books not guns

It is very difficult for a Christian to work in the police force in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Thank you for replacing my gun with a Bible and commentary. Now I am ready.

SparkLit provides seminary graduates in the Democratic Republic of Congo with French editions a study Bible and an Africa Bible Commentary. Héritier Agasa tells us why these books will be indispensable.


“As a young boy I sang in the church choir:

My brother, what will you choose today, dying or living?
Believe in the Lord Jesus,
Receive life in the beautiful home of God.
Come, come, come and choose.


As I sang, the words of the songs gradually became real to me and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour.”


Only God can bring peace and hope


“To provide for my brothers and sisters, I joined the police force. It is very difficult for a young Christian man to work in the police force in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There is much corruption, violence and many temptations.”


“During my fifteen years serving as a police officer, I became more and more aware of how much my fellow officers needed a life-changing relationship with Jesus. I shared my desire to minister to these policemen and policewomen with my pastors in the church I attended. They wisely advised me to seek further training.”


Now I am ready


“For three years I studied at the Theological Institute in Aru, 300 kilometres away from my wife and six children. But the sacrifice has been worth it. I have deepened my understanding of my faith in Christ and learned how to share my faith with those around me.”


“While studying I realised that to prepare Bible studies and evangelistic talks it is necessary to have good Christian books. My fellow graduating students and I received your gift of a New Life Study Bible and Africa Bible Commentary with great joy. I could never afford to buy these books myself. Thank you for replacing my gun with a Bible and commentary. Now I am ready.”


Pray for me


“I returned home in 2019 to a province still in the grip of civil war and an Ebola epidemic. Please pray that as Chaplain to the police force in Bunia I will mobilise others to speak out strongly as Christians. Please pray that we will be the people of peace and integrity our country needs.”


Héritier Agasa graduated from the Institut Theologique d’Aru with a diploma in theology.


$70 will provide a New Life Study Bible and Africa Bible Commentary to a graduate in DR Congo.