SparkLit | God’s surprising call
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God’s surprising call

God’s surprising call

In the midst of the pandemic, you can help David Van Lian train leaders for growing churches.


I was raised in a Christian family. If I ever missed church, it was because I was sick. Whatever my parents believed, I believed. But there was nothing personal about my life with Jesus, so nothing prevented me from rebelling against my parents and their traditions as a teenager. I was lost in sin and darkness.


God answered my prayer


Then when I was sixteen, I suffered severe stomach pain. I went to the hospital and took medicine but nothing helped me. One night the pain was unbearable and I expected to die. 


I prayed: “Please Lord Jesus, if you heal me tonight, I will serve you for the rest of my life.” To my great surprise, the moment I finished my prayer, I felt a lot better. The next morning, I didn’t feel any pain at all. I had experienced the power and call of God.


Books are my teachers


To study God’s word more deeply, I decided to go to Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (MEGST). From my first day of class, books made me think seriously about what it means to be a follower of Christ. Books encourage me to live a life consistent with Christ’s call.


I knew God had called me but I didn’t know exactly how to serve him. But God made everything clear. After sending me to do further study in India, MEGST gave me a lecturing position.


Before I teach, preach or write, I read


Books are essential tools for theological education, but in Myanmar our resources are limited. Thankfully, every year SparkLit presents a Bible commentary to MEGST graduates. 


This year, SparkLit also bought us a digital library. This is a true blessing to us especially while the pandemic stops us from visiting the college library. A digital library will also enable me to complete my doctoral studies without having to leave Myanmar again. Thank you!


Please pray that the Holy Spirit will enable me to make a lasting contribution to the lives and ministries of my students.


David Van Lian teaches New Testament at the Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology, Yangon.


$40 will provide a Burmese-language study Bible to a graduate taking up pastoral duties in Myanmar.