SparkLit | God is preparing me
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God is preparing me

God is preparing me

You can help supply theological textbooks to students like Iman Jaya Zandroto as they prepare to serve growing churches.


I was born and raised in a Christian family. I was not a devout Christian but, like everyone else in our church, as I neared the end of high school I started to study the catechism and prepare for confirmation.


Prepared to believe


That is when I began to read the Bible every day. The more I read God’s word, the more I saw how much God loves me, and the more I loved God. I was convinced that I was a sinner and am saved by grace through Jesus Christ. Realising how great God’s grace is in my life, I decided to be his servant.


Prepared to serve


To serve the church and society we need preparation. I learned that by reading books before leading a Bible study, I was able to answer people’s questions. To better prepare myself to serve God I decided to study theology. Reading books and learning from professors helps me grasp and explain the meaning of Bible passages that are difficult to understand. 


After completing bachelor’s and master’s degrees at two seminaries in my country, I started a second master’s degree at the Vancouver School of Theology in 2019.


Prepared to learn


Studying with other international students enables me to learn about other cultures. I like visiting new places, but adapting to a new environment is difficult. Financial limitations have been an obstacle, especially when buying books. However, the greatest challenge is reading books and writing assignments in my second language. Please pray that God will raise up people to write theological textbooks in my language!


In my first semester abroad I struggled a lot. But I keep learning and putting my hope in God. Thanks to his kindness, I feel satisfied with the results of my studies. After I finish studying, I want to do many things for my country and the church.


Please pray that God will give me his wisdom so I can usefully apply my knowledge to encourage believers and build up the church.


Iman Jaya Zandroto is completing a master’s degree in theology at the Vancouver School of Theology.


$2,000 will provide a theological college in Southeast Asia with a digital theological library.