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God is making me one of his people

God is making me one of his people

You can give secondary students like Jamaly Ignas Kazimoto a lasting gift.


My name is Jamaly Ignas Kazimoto. I am a student at Muyenzi Secondary School. My parents always advised me to be God-fearing, but I did not listen to them. When a person disturbed me at school I preferred to fight them. I did not obey my parents or anyone else. I did not fear God. Satan was making me one of his people.


I decided to study Bible Knowledge because I thought it would help me live well in society. It also helped me meet God. Studying the Bible has changed my behaviour. I have seen many good changes. I now obey my parents, and when someone disturbs me I do not think of fighting. Jesus makes me undisturbed.


Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom


I like learning and have been performing well. Jesus helped me to pass my exams. Bible Knowledge helps me to know how to be one of God’s people: to know Jesus, to fear God and live well in society without doing bad activities.

It is also a pleasure for me to study Bible Knowledge. I enjoy reading Bible stories. When God made Pharaoh’s heart to be hard, he showed that he was God and not to be played with.


Most of all, I like reading about Joseph. Joseph’s brothers did not love him and decided to sell him into Egypt. In Egypt he was put in prison. But God loved Joseph and was with him. In prison, the keeper of the prison put Joseph in charge of all the prisoners. Because Joseph feared God, God made him second to Pharaoh. Joseph prayed to God in everything, and God used him.


If you love me, obey my commandments


Jesus’ teaching on the mountain tells us how to enter and live in the kingdom of heaven. If we are children of God we must love our enemies and forgive them. Like Joseph and Jesus we must trust God and do the right thing even when other people do bad things to us.

When I become a leader I will pray for help, follow God’s commandments and seek to do only things which are in God’s will. I know that when I have a problem, I can trust God with it.


Knowledge of the Holy One is understanding


Satan is not happy to see me fear and obey God. When Satan challenges me, like Joseph, I will pray to God, and with the help of God I will win. Please pray for me and the other students studying Bible Knowledge. Pray that we will fear God, pray to him and continue to walk along his path.


We thank you so much for knowing our problems, and supporting us by printing books for studying Bible Knowledge. We are praying that you will continue with a good heart like this. God bless you for helping us in our need.


Jamaly Ignas Kazimoto is studying Bible Knowledge at Muyenzi Secondary School near Rulenge, Kagera Region, Tanzania. Along with Islamic Studies, Bible Knowledge is an optional subject in Tanzanian secondary schools. To make this subject affordable, SparkLit sponsors the printing of textbooks, teacher manuals and other materials.


$20,000 will enable dozens of secondary schools to teach Bible Knoweldge for one year by providing manuals and textbooks.