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Just as I am

Just as I am

You can help prepare leaders like Joseph Abosi to reach young people with the good news.


When I was a teenager, responding to altar calls became routine. Time and time again, after giving my life to Christ I found myself falling back into sin. This was the constant state of affairs until October 2016.


In June 2016, I started studying business administration and accounting at the University of Ghana. I joined a Christian youth organisation called Teens Aloud. During one of their fellowship meetings, I had a lightbulb moment. I realised that once I had surrendered my life to God, there was no need to repeatedly respond to altar calls, because God was not counting my sins against me. Instead, God wants me to draw closer to him. This is the only way I can live out his righteousness. This was good to hear. Later, in October 2016, in my heart I proposed to pursue intimacy with God, no matter what the setbacks. I have not looked back. During the next five years, I served with the Teens Aloud Foundation. Our vision is to challenge a young generation to passionately pursue Jesus Christ and believe in their gifted purpose to take his life-giving message to the ends of the earth. I have been on missions to South Africa, Nigeria, Liberia, and Eswatini.


My desire is to serve as a full-time missionary to students. Leading people is no small task. Like any occupation, leading the church requires adequate preparation. I accepted an opportunity to study theology at George Whitefield College in Cape Town.


Simply knowing the word of God is not enough. I also need to understand the word’s context, origin and structure. I enjoy studying the Pentateuch. I always avoided the Old Testament because I found it difficult to understand, but now I am beginning to love it.


For all three years of our bachelor of theology course, students use Encountering Theology of Mission in our missiology classes. Thanks to SparkLit we each have our own copy and don’t have to share the copies in the library. Having this core resource is a huge help and is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Joseph Abosi is from Ghana. He is studying for a bachelor of theology at George Whitefield College in Cape Town.


$32 will provide a bachelor of theology student with a copy of Encountering Theology of Mission by Timothy Tennent, Stephen Strauss and Craig Ott.