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Great things have been entrusted to me

Great things have been entrusted to me

“Books have been very helpful to me during my time as a student. But I know that they will be even more useful in the years to come as I work to teach and equip others.”

You can help John Jumbe Kayange train and encourage Bible teachers in rural Tanzania.


I was born in Mbeya, Tanzania, but went to school in Malawi. When I finished secondary school in 1996, I returned home to Tanzania. I crossed Lake Malawi by ferry. On the ferry a pastor preached the gospel: “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Messiah?” After preaching he said, “If you want to receive Jesus Christ now, while we are still sailing, I will pray with you.” Five school friends and I said, “Yes!” and the pastor prayed with us. On that ship I met Jesus.


I received this message with great eagerness


I found work in Dar es Salaam. I had a great desire in my heart to know more about God. By night I worked as a guard. By day I read the Bible.


An Australian missionary, Jill Morshead, saw me reading the Bible. She asked me, “Are you a Christian?”


I said to her, “Yes, I am a Christian.”


“Which part of the Bible are you reading?”


I was reading 2 Timothy chapter 2: “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” I told her that I wanted to study theology and become a Bible teacher but I had no money to pay the fees.


Jill’s husband, John, asked me “If we are able to help you, would you like to go to theological college?”


“Yes!” I said, “Even now!”


For three years I studied at St Mark’s Theological College in Dar es Salaam. Money was not my only challenge. My mother was killed in a road accident. I suffered from chronic lymphoid leukaemia and expected to die. But God had other plans for me.


I wanted to teach the Bible. If you want to be a good teacher you must read many books. By reading books you can get more knowledge from people from different times and places. I like to learn about the history of the church, Roman Catholicism, Martin Luther and the Reformation.


After graduating with a diploma of theology, I went to Mlimba and started to teach in a local church. After teaching for three years I decided to start a Bible college. We called it Morshead Bible College because John and Jill Morshead made it possible for me to study in the first place.


This new Bible college is the answer to the prayers of many people. Mlimba is a remote place. The nearest Bible college is 300 kilometres away.


So far, our college has one classroom, an office, toilets, a hostel for women and a hostel for men. We keep chickens and ducks, and have land to cultivate maize and rice. We are small in number and still need furniture, computers, Bibles and books.


Please pray that we will faithfully equip evangelists, preachers and pastors to build up the body of Christ.


John Jumbe Kayange is the principal of Morshead Bible College, Mlimba, Kilombero District, Morogoro Region.


$30k will provide theological texts and essential Bible reference works to students, pastors and Bible college libraries in Africa.