SparkLit | See how much these books help me!
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See how much these books help me!

See how much these books help me!

You can empower church leaders like Pastor Han.


Fifteen years ago, when I graduated from Bible college, I was given a package of books. When I first felt the weight of the books in my hands I knew I was holding a priceless treasure.


I returned to my region and began to pastor a church. It was only as I served my flock that I began to appreciate just how useful these books would become. You cannot imagine how much these books continue to help me.


Fight for truth


Heresy is always a threat to the Christian church. During the COVID pandemic, our buildings were closed and our online platforms restricted. Believers in rural areas were easily distracted by extreme ideas and cults which prowl, hunting for people with fragile faith and unstable foundations. Fortunately, the books I had on doctrine and apologetics enabled me to defend the faith entrusted to us.


Since our churches have reopened, internet restrictions make my weekly preaching more strategic and my books even more valuable.


Build a community


Small group ministry was rare among Chinese churches. However, the suspension of public gatherings has made small groups a central part of the life of believers. This is a good thing but developing small groups requires time and energy. Interactive Bible study material and disciple making resources enable me to make the most of this opportunity.


My biggest pastoral challenge is caring for couples. The one-child policy produced generations of people who never learned to get along with siblings or build relationships with peers. As a result, many struggle to accommodate others and build strong marriages. It is common to see friction and conflict in relationships. The number of couples seeking divorce tripled during the pandemic. It is a relief to be able to rely on the wisdom and experience of the Chinese authors of the books on marriage and family.


Walk the path of grace


Most importantly, the books I was given help me to build up my relationship with God and grow in faith and perseverance. It is easy to concentrate on my duties as a pastor and the activities of our church and neglect my own relationship with God. This is a fatal mistake. Pastors everywhere in China struggle to make ends meet. It is tempting to become discouraged and despair. In one of the books given to me, Ajith Fernando teaches us that joy and suffering are indispensable and inseparable components of Christian maturity. Serving Jesus is not an easy path. It is a path of grace.


God has used these books to sustain me and bless many people. I feel grateful from the bottom of my heart.


Please pray that our Lord’s grace will be sufficient for me and that his power will be made perfect in my weakness.


Pastor Han is a pastor in northern China and recipient of a pastor book package.


This year’s graduate book package includes Simplified-Chinese editions of preaching resources Sweeter Than Honey and Let the Gospels Preach the Gospel by Christopher Wright.


$155 will provide a theological and pastoral library to students graduating from Bible colleges across China.