SparkLit | Jesus does not leave us alone!
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Jesus does not leave us alone!

Jesus does not leave us alone!

You can help students like Precious Khalenya apply God’s word to the obstacles in their lives.


Growing up, I was always the most intelligent person in our family. In primary school, being the top student was my routine. A lot of people put their hope in me. However, when I joined high school, things changed. I no longer always achieved the best grades. When this happened, I felt I was a disappointment.


This year, I competed in the Timazi National Readership Challenge. I had to read a book called In Search of Sanity by Ugandan engineer Musinguzi Begumisa and write an essay. In this book the author openly and confidently talks about the challenges he faced coping with bipolar disorder.


God helps us face our challenges


When he performed poorly in form one at high school, Mr Musinguzi disappointed his father. He was expected to be a fortress for his father in the future. Mr Musinguzi’s story made me understand that no situation is permanent. If I trust in God, I can study without fear and regain my hope and academic prowess.


Like me, Mr Musinguzi had a lot of insecurities and was not willing to confess to strangers. My secretive nature has made me live a life that is not progressing. When I don’t rely on God for my hope, I am overwhelmed with a lot of worries in my mind and move away from God. Mr Musinguzi’s decision to have a mentor made me realise that everybody needs someone who is older to offer guidance.


Mr Musinguzi’s experience also encourages me to give hope to my family. My brother has attempted suicide many times because of the loneliness and hatred he feels for himself. People look down on my family because of how my brother lives his life. We were on the verge of giving up. When Mr Musinguzi faced challenges, instead of wallowing in despair, he talked to Jesus. During the most challenging times in his life, he never gave up. He believed that God could make a way for him. This challenges me to encourage my family to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour because he has not left us alone. He is right there with us even when we cannot perceive it. I am certain that Mr Musinguzi’s story will help anyone who is lost and alone to find their way.


Reading helps us know God


Over 700 finalists and teachers from dozens of schools attended the National Readership Challenge awards gala in Nairobi. There were many activities and awards, and prizes included trophies, school fees and books for school libraries. I was shocked to win first prize. I met Mr Musinguzi and Timazi magazine editor Maggie Gathuku. Maggie wants young people to develop an appetite for Christian writing. Her motto is “It is bad manners to have more clothes than books!”


Please pray that God will use next year’s Readership Challenge to bless and inspire many students. Pray that they will grow in wisdom and courage and take the hope of Jesus to the lost and lonely.


Precious Khalenya is a student at Chuka Girls Secondary School in Chuka, Kenya.


$8,000 will subsidise the publication of 3000 copies of the 2024 Readership Challenge text, The Pursuit of His Calling.