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Mr Jesus

Mr Jesus

You can help pastors like Kea Korn serve a growing church.


I left my village broken-hearted. My girlfriend resisted other suitors but when my cousin asked for her hand in marriage, her father said “Yes.” Her family did not approve of me or my gang. Even my own mother disowned me. My comrades-in-arms and I were very drunk when we arrived at the engagement party. I had no love. I had no faith. I had no hope. I was empty. The following year, when the wedding music started, I could stand it no longer and ran away to the city.


Filled with hope


In Siem Reap, I rented a room and got jobs as a security guard, service station attendant and  tuk tuk driver. One night I went to a Christian gathering. The preacher said that the creator of all things had knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I asked God to fill my emptiness. God answered my prayer. “You are my child. I will give you faith, hope and love so that you can set free the captives.”


I started to study English and found work in tourism. For two years I was the Asia Holiday representative at the Siem Reap airport. One night, in a dream, I heard the words of Jesus. “Do you love me? Feed my sheep!” I had the same dream the following night. On the third night, the same call was followed by a question. “Are you worried about losing your salary, commissions and benefits?” I awoke weeping. “How will I tell people that this is my calling? Please confirm this call from your word.” After reading 1 Peter 5:2–6, I told my boss I was going to resign and start working for the church. He was concerned. “Are you sure? I have never heard of this company. What sort of business is it?”


Filled with faith


Now I am planting churches in three villages. I begin by teaching English and Bible stories to children. We start sitting on the ground until a parent invites us to use their home. One family offered to sell us land so we could build a simple residence and classroom. This is where we meet each Sunday. 


As always, I am learning on the job. I am reading Take the Pulse of Your Church. This book helps me to evaluate what I am doing and strengthen my church. I pray for my people. I teach them from the Bible. I encourage them to read the Bible for themselves. Every Sunday afternoon, I send them out two-by-two to share the good news.


Filled with the Spirit


When I returned to my village everyone was astonished by my transformation. My old friends were angry because I would not drink with them. They called me Mr Jesus. I decided to wait until they were sober before I explained how they too can be free.


Please pray that I will preach the word and be ready at all times to correct, rebuke and encourage with patience and careful instruction.


Kea Korn is a pastor in Thlok Kambot Village, Ballangk Commune, Prasat Bakong District, Siem Reap, and recipient of a Fount of Wisdom book package.


$30k will enable Christian publisher Fount of Wisdom in Phnom Penh to publish 12 books written in Khmer by local Christians.