SparkLit | Our God makes promises and keeps them
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Our God makes promises and keeps them

Our God makes promises and keeps them

Meng Srong is an editor at Christian publisher Fount of Wisdom (FoW) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Please pray that God would use FoW books to make known the hope found in Jesus.

You can help Srong make Christian books accessible in the Khmer language.


My father was a fisherman. When I was young, I went to school in the morning, and in the afternoon I went fishing with my father. In the dry season, we fished on the lake. In the rainy season, we fished on the river. At the start of the rainy season, after fishing together all afternoon, I spent the night fishing alone on the river. I slept on our boat and early in the morning I brought the fish home for my mother to sell. 


How can I be good enough for God?


My mother was pious and took me to the Buddhist temple. I followed the teachings of the monks, but, as I grew older, I became less confident that my good deeds could make up for my sins. Not even the monks were perfect.


Every kingdom has a king and every republic has a president. If there is a god, he must be god of all. So, how can there be different gods for Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists? My mother did not know how to answer my questions.


When I went to Phnom Penh to study at university, I could no longer help my father, so he began to plant fruit trees and grow crops. My landlady in Phnom Penh was a Christian and every Sunday she took me to church. The pastor explained how the Christian God created all things and came to earth to pay for our sins and rescue us. Jesus did for us what we cannot do for ourselves. This answered many of my questions, so I began to read and study the Bible. After two years’ research and thinking, I made Jesus my Lord and Saviour.


How will I serve the God who speaks?


After graduating with a degree in business administration, I joined the production team at Voice of New Life Radio. I received training in journalism and was asked to edit scripts that had been translated from English. When one of the translators told me that Christian publisher Fount of Wisdom was looking for an editor, I prayed for one week then applied for the job. 


Without books how can we remember?


I never imagined that I would work with books but when I became a Christian I began to appreciate the power and importance of words. Without words there can be no meaning, explanations, understanding, encouragement or commitment. With words, we make promises and make ourselves accountable.


I get great satisfaction from making manuscripts flow smoothly and meeting deadlines. Books are important for all of us and should be accessible for everyone. Books are our memory.


Please pray that I will work with joy. Pray that I will have the strength to work to support my family and send my daughter and two sons to school.