SparkLit | Autumn Newsletter 2022
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Thank you, John Harrower

Pioneering publisher and bookseller Beatriz Buono honours outgoing SparkLit president.   I served with John and Gayelene Harrower in the shadow of the military dictatorship; a time of great fear and pain in Argentina. Without their example and encouragement, my family and I would not be who...

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John Harrower retires from the SparkLit Board

Last year John Harrower concluded 31 years service on the boards of the Australian Christian Literature Society and the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge Australia; now known as SparkLit. He was president from 2005 to 2021.   John Harrower arrived in Argentina with his wife Gayelene, and...

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Here am I. Send me!

In Japan we say “the nail that sticks up will be hammered down.” We are expected to be like everyone else and not shame our family.    My parents were the first believers in my family. This caused conflict with their parents. When we went to church...

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We Will Sing to the Lord a New Song

I was born in Panawac, a remote village in Pacong County. My tribe is Dinka, my clan is Agaar. We are a stubborn, unforgiving and hostile people.   During the rainy season I looked after the goats and worked in our garden to grow food. In the...

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As in Christ God Forgave You

Whack! The orphanage director picked me up and slapped my cheek.   “Why did you hit me?” I protested.   Whack! He slapped my other cheek even harder. Tears rolled down my face. Nobody came to my defence.   “Salute during the national anthem! This is no time to play!”   “But, the...

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