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Where the Gospel is preached, books are needed!


I observed the way the priests sent to our village accompanied the people and supported them in practical ways. I felt drawn to this vocation. However, I was becoming increasingly aloof and insecure. I couldn’t express myself with confidence. People told me that I was strange and weird. Read more…

Brought back to life

At the age of twelve I was caught in a rip. As the force of the water sucked me under, scenes from my life flashed vividly before me. ‘I’m going to die!’ Suddenly, the arm of a surf lifesaver grasped me around my waist. I regained consciousness on the beach, spluttering out the water from my lungs as the life-saver resuscitated me. Read more…

Too good to be true

I killed many, many people. I laid countless land mines. I built and ran an orphanage for the purpose of raising child soldiers. As a Buddhist, I calculated that I was beyond redemption. What could I possibly do to compensate for what I had done? Read more…

Serving Jesus is my N°1 business

My name is Christian Saidi Nchimbi. I am Tanzanian and reside in Dar es Salaam. I declare faith in Christ Jesus as the Lord and Saviour of my life. I believe that God is a God of love and full of mercy. Read more…

SparkLit advances God’s kingdom by empowering Christian writers, publishers and distributors around the world.

We stimulate life-changing Christian writing so that lives, communities and cultures are transformed as people discover Jesus in a way that is authentic and culturally meaningful.

SparkLit nurtures emerging publishers by directing funds, expertise and energy where Christian writing is needed most.

SparkLit _ Equip publishers

SparkLit equips publishing professionals. We invest in the training and development of promising Christian writers, editors, designers and booksellers.

SparkLit _ Supply books

SparkLit makes Christian books available, accessible and affordable where support and resources are scarce.

Join with us, and let’s get books where they are needed!