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Paul Mungata SparkLit
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Where the Gospel is preached, books are needed!


I stole this Bible

My mother resisted invitations to go to church. But one day, to appease her sister my mother sent me instead. Everything about it was weird. After the service, there was a meal. I was given rice, tracts and a Gideons New Testament… Read more…


The gift of learning

I used to think that studying theology was not only unnecessary but dangerous. I saw priests and pastors who appeared to be indifferent to sin. They seemed preoccupied with church management…. Read more…


Writing can go where people cannot

I always thought I was a wise man. I was proud to be a socialist and an atheist. Nevertheless, I was curious about God. I wanted to understand my existence. Why are we here? Where are we going? Read more…


When ten or twelve gather in Jesus’ name

Despite being located in provincial Argentina the Bible study guides we publish for home fellowship groups are being used across denominations and continents. This is possible because we have embraced digital technologies… Read more…

SparkLit advances God’s kingdom by empowering Christian writers, publishers and distributors around the world.

We stimulate life-changing Christian writing so that lives, communities and cultures are transformed as people discover Jesus in a way that is authentic and culturally meaningful.

SparkLit nurtures emerging publishers by directing funds, expertise and energy where Christian writing is needed most.

SparkLit _ Equip publishers

SparkLit equips publishing professionals. We invest in the training and development of promising Christian writers, editors, designers and booksellers.

SparkLit _ Supply books

SparkLit makes Christian books available, accessible and affordable where support and resources are scarce.

Join with us, and let’s get books where they are needed!